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Tregelles’s Greek New Testament
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The two transcripts of Tregelles’s Greek New Testament, TNT and TNT2, are available for download and for inclusion into any Bible program or other textual search software.


Not all Unicode fonts are able to display all the combined Greek characters, but the freely available Cardo font does (included in the Tyndale Unicode Font Kit.

The latest version number for both the TNT and TNT2 is 1.0.0


Download TNT 1.0.0.zip

Download TNT2 1.0.0.zip

The PDF version of the Introduction contains the Table of Differences referred to elsewhere in the Introduction.

Download the Introduction to Tregelles.pdf

The directory of images made by the CSNTM is divided into the images of the text pages (which include the textual apparatus), and the introductory material, found in the ‘cover’ subdirectory.

Go to the Images directory


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