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During a visit to Cambridge in the Summer of 2008, Dan Wallace and his team of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) did not only generously agree to make the digital images of Tregelles's Greek New Testament, but also to put these up on their website. The CSNTM is providing the students of New Testament textual history a great service by making so much source material available for study. Thank you very much for your help.


Several people gave generous amounts of their time to this project. Robert Crellin and Natacha Pfister assisted with parts of the four gospels, while Julie Woodson contributed to most of the remainder of the New Testament. Some of my colleagues within Tyndale House provided helpful advice during our planning meetings. On the text-critical and historical side, Peter M. Head shared his knowledge most generously, and without the computer expertise of David Instone-Brewer this project would not have come off the ground. A special word of thanks goes to Troy Griffits, Crosswire Bible Society, who has been a major positive influence by means of his vision for the Scripture in a digital age and his practical knowledge of producing and working with electronic texts.


Proofreading is often a humbling experience, and I am sure that despite our best efforts, errors of transcription or oversights in the correction of the text will remain. Were it not for P.J. Williams, the Warden of Tyndale House, the number of these would have been much higher. It is a pleasure to acknowledge his role in the actual production of the TNT and TNT2 and thank him for his continuous support and encouragement.

I am all too painfully aware that the TNT and TNT2 we are releasing will contain some errors in transcription of some accents, punctuation, and possibly even of a word or word order. The responsibility for these oversights is solely mine. Any user who spots a mistake is encouraged to pass these on, so that a more accurate version can be released. These updated versions will only be identifiable by a different release number, the acronyms TNT and TNT2 will be maintained for the respective texts.


Dirk Jongkind

Cambridge, June 2009