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The additions and corrections

The printed edition of Tregelles’s Greek New Testament contained a large section with additions and corrections, published a number of years after Tregelles’s death. These were edited by F.J.A. Hort. To what extent Hort himself carried out this work remains to be seen:

"By far the greater number of the marks have been prefixed by Mr. Streane at his own discretion, but in accordance with suggestions offered for his guidance, and I am responsible for the decision in many doubtful cases which he wished to refer to me, and in some others, as also for the marks prefixed to readings not supported by fresh evidence from uncial MSS." (Prolegomena and Addenda and Corrigenda, xxxi)  


Hort dealt very sensitively with the corrections and additions and does not propose alterations to the printed text, only to the critical apparatus, and that mainly for the four gospels (pp. 1023-56). There are much fewer corrections and additions to the remainder of the New Testament (pp. 1056-70). Most of the additions are simply the listing of new or corrected manuscript evidence. However, it is indicated whether the new evidence relates to the text as already printed by means of the symbol † , or to an alternative reading given in the margin or the apparatus by means of †† , or to the omission of a phrase or word indicated by the double dagger sign ‡ .


The Addenda and Corrigenda are intended to be bound in such a way that they can be folded out in order to be seen side by side to the pages to which they refer. Not every owner of the fascicles of the original Greek New Testament had these fascicles hard-bound in the same manner. Some subscribers chose for a two-volume hard cover binding, others preferred a single volume. In quite a number of the bound copies I have seen, the pages containing the Addenda and Corrigenda are bound as every other page and cannot be folded out any longer.