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Search Library Catalogues:

TynCat - the Tyndale Catalogue
Links directly to new & used bookshops when you've found the book, without extra typing.
Records formatted for pasting straight into your footnotes or bibliography.
Library of Congress Catalogue
The biggest English-language library catalogue in the world.
"All" the UK academic libraries in one searchable database - ie the British Library and 24 others.
British Library - Portico
Information, Journal photocopy service (costs money),  Online Catalogue.
English Short Title Catalogue  (pre-1800 English publications, details)
Details on virtually all English publications before 1800 in UK, USA, Canada  etc
Early English Books Online (pre-1800 English publications, whole work online)
Scans of a large proportion of English publications before 1800 in UK, USA, Canada  etc
RLIN Database (RLG Union Catalog ) (For Cambrige University use only).
A huge 30 million book database from several libraries, including older works, 7thC onwards
Cambridge University Library
Online catalogue and lots more. Log on to the Online Catalogue
Tubingen Library
A huge Theological section, specilising in German works but covering all languages
Harvard libraries - 11 university-class libraries in one huge database
A fast search engine, but not the easiest to use.
LibDex Libraries Index
All the online libraries around the world, organised geographically.
WorldCat - find a library near you 
Searches the catalogues in a geographical location to find the nearest copy.  

Search Bookshops:

Amazon Online Bookshop USA UK Germany
USA has bigger discounts and more books, incl. Used. Worth using for their huge Search database
Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
All the publishers in the world. Well, all who have linked up.
CBD / ChristianBook.com
Great discounts on Biblical Studies books, and a searchable catalogue.
Dove Booksellers - Theology
New and Used books from a specialist Biblical Studies bookseller
Philip & Rosalind Lund and Gage Postal Books
Large secondhand Theological booksellers in England
Eisenbrauns Scholars' Source and their used books
The pick of Biblical & background material, especially good for ANE studies
"The worlds largest bookfinding service", now run by Amazon
Advanced Book Exchange 
International collection of second-hand bookshops. Can choose the country.
Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America
A good starting point for second-hand books
European based, but also other countries. Can look up specialty.

Bibligraphic databases for Articles & Theses:

Bibliographic databases to find articles:
American Theological Library Association database (ATLA) (Cambridge University access only)
Articles from journals and festschriten in Religion and Biblical Studies back to 1949.
Index theologicus (IxTheo) (Tübingen library)
Articles from festschriten and 600 journals in Religion and Biblical Studies back to 1980.
THEOLDI Bibliographic Database (Insbruck library)
Theological articles from journals and festschriften, searchable. Subject keywords are in German, and are very specific, so look up the list. Not as good as ATLA, but better than many other commercial sites, and it's free.
Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne (BiBIL) 
Index of all the books, journal articles and contributions to multi-author works in the Lausanne Fédération des fasultés de théologie
Journal Articles from EDINA,
Cambridge access via Athens password.
British Library's Electronic Table of Contents (ZETOC).
About 20,000 journals & 16,000 conferences back to 1993. They will email new article titles in your area.
Includes about 300 Religion journals. Integrates well with EndNote.
GNOMON Classics articles from 1997.
A cut-down version of their CD, concentrating on titles from recent years.
AIGYPTOS - A database for Egyptological publications 
Includes a one-stop search of other bibliographies at the bottom of the page.
RAMBI - Index of Articles on Jewish Studies
Includes a very useful subject browsing, in Hebrew and English.
Humanities Citation Index on the "Web of Knowledge" (access by Athens password)
Find the articles and books which cite another article or book.
L'Année philologique 
A subject-classified database of books and articles in the area of Classical Studies .

Theses & Dissertations

American & International Theses from UMI (ProQuest) with local Cambridge University access to the Abstracts Database
Theses from most USA universities & colleges, searchable, with abstracts. Complete theses can be ordered.
African Theses (with Cambridge Raven password)
Theses from 10 leading African universities .
French Theses (free access)
Theses from all French universities .
German Theses (free access)
Theses from German universities .
British Theses with local Cambridge University access and EthOS free access
Theses from most UK universities, searchable, with abstracts. Complete theses can be ordered.

Biblical Studies Journals

Periodicals at Tydale House and Cambridge University Library 
Tyndale has about 400 titles (200 current), and the university has over 100,000 titles!
Directory of Open Access Journals
2500 other Periodicals with free access in all subjects   
Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies
Net Journal, with scholarly articles, reviews, links
The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
An online journal, with important articles by a wide range of scholars.
Near Eastern Archaeology - formerly Biblicla Archaeologist.
Abstracts with full text of selected articles.
Internet Archaeology
Free access to the whole text. Not available in print. Little or no Biblical archaeology.
Christian Scholar's Review
Abstracts of articles
Tyndale Bulletin
Abstracts of articles
Jerusalem Perspective
Many sample articles. Others are pay-per-view.
Cambridge University Press Journals Online
Full text of several titles, including Religious Studies. Local ID & password needed - see current journals box.
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
A web-only publicaton. Full text articles. Free.
Theologische Literaturzeitung (ThLZ)
A searchable version of the printed database. Local ID & password needed - see current journals box.
Index to ANRW
Aufstieg und Niedergang der römishen Welt - Index with search engine, without articles.
Jerusalem Christian Review  - disappeared?
A full-text online journal for popular (though acurate) biblical archaeology. Nice pictures.
Women in Judaism
A full-text online journal for gender studies in Judaism.
Subscription online journals at Cambridge University Library  . Links for Cambridge.
These are only available from within Cambridge University or Tyndale House.
Biblica - the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
Full text articles of recent issues, and summaries of older issues.
Filología Neotestamentaria of the University of  Cordoba
A full-text online journal which goes into print once a year, after which that volume is removed from the web site.
The Conservative Theological Society Journal
Full-text all articles for previous issues.
List of  more Online Theological Journals
Other lists of  Journals at ISATEX & St. Mary's University, Tyndale Tech emails, Cambridge University
List of full-text articles on the Web
Collects together articles from different journals and organises them by topic or text.

Online Catalogues of Books & Papers

Church History books - list at Tyndale
Includes links to the majority of out-of-copyright church history books.
TynCat catalogue online links 
Links to thousands of Biblical Studies online texts at Amazon & Google
Early Christian Writings - Online Books
Whole books, mostly scholarly. Well classified.
ABZU - ETANA: Ancient Near Eastern studies - Online Books
Whole books on ANE studies. Searchable.
Biblical Studies books - Online Books
A growing number of whole books, mostly scholarly.
Religion Online - full books 
Full texts by recognised religious scholars.
Philologos, Religious Books online 
Popular Jewish background books (incl. Edersheim, Lightfoot Talmud, Ginzberg Legends) but no footnotes
BELIEVE Religious Information Source
collection of over 3,000 articles by respected scholars on around 900 religious subjects.
Buying online ebooks
If you can't get it free, you could try Logos, or Zondervan 
Project Guttenburg 
25,000 books, well catalogued. 
Database of online academic collections, half of which aren't indexed by Google.
400 other lists of books 
An Australian project to collect all the collections of online books. An endless task.