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We welcome all researchers in biblical studies. Prospective readers should agree to follow the Guidelines, complete an application form, and meet the warden on their first visit. Visitors are also very welcome to see the library, but should make an appointment in advance if possible.

All readers are encouraged to join in the life of the community, especially the weekly chapel services during university terms and informal prayer during the vacations (every Tuesday, 10:30 to 11 am). Coffee is provided at 11 am and tea at 4 pm, Monday to Friday. These breaks from work are a good opportunity to get to know each other and many valuable discussions take place during these times. Tyndale House is a community of scholars who encourage and support each other.

Visitor's Passes

The cost of the library is largely subsidised by support from individuals and church bodies.   Those wishing to use the Library occasionally may purchase Visitorís Pass for £5/day, discounted to £20 for 5 days or £30 for 10 days.  The days do not need to be consecutive, and the pass is valid for one year from the date of issue. For more regular use, it is cheaper to apply for Membership.  

Tyndale Fellowship, Theology for All, and KLICE members will be issued with a free 10 Day Visitorís Pass on their first visit each year.

Cambridge University & Federation undergraduates and Cambridge University faculty staff may use Daily Desks in the Library free of charge.


Those wishing to use the Library and other facilities of Tyndale House on a longer term basis may become Members of the Library.  This gives extended access to the library outside normal opening hours. They have a swipe card to access the library when it is locked from 8 am till 11 pm, including Saturdays. We ask for character referees to ensure that we can trust them with this access. The cost of Membership is £50/month or £500/year. Members are entitled to use a Daily Desk in the Library, to join the community for coffee and tea, and to share in the regular community meals and events throughout the year.  

Members of the Library may also apply for a Rented Desk, though there are limited numbers and availability cannot be guaranteed. Applicants are selected on the basis of the research they plan to carry out, and the likelihood that they will make full use of the library facilities. Members may also apply for accommodation at Tyndale House, though this is even more limited than desk space, so please apply several months in advance.

Library Desks

All desks have power and access to internet and network facilities. Personal computer equipment and other property is not covered by the Tyndale House insurance policy.

Daily Desks are freely available to Members and Visitors during normal opening hours - 9 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Books can be signed out to these desks, but you must reshelve them when you leave each day and the desk must be cleared each day so that it is available for someone else. 

Rented Desks include shelves for books and extra room for equipment, so that Library books, personal books and possessions may be kept there. The standard desk rent is £60 per month or £15 per week, with a 50% reduction for Cambridge students and others who cannot afford the full rate (considered on a one-by-one basis), payable in advance.  There may be a late-payment charge for delayed payment. Students registered for degrees in British Universities outside of Cambridge are not normally allowed to rent a desk in the library for more than 6 months during their degree.

For further information or enquiries, please email 

Application Forms & Update of details

Application for a Visitor Card 
Application for Membership and/or a  Rented Desk and/or Accommodation
Quick-access for Members to make a new booking or update details
(If your last visit was before August 2005, please fill in a "First Time" application form)
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