Unknown son of Ankhwennefer



Name unknown, son of Ankhwennefer1, presumably born before c. 2012, killed in battle 23 Epeiph year 19 = 27 August 186 on the southern edge of the Thebaid3.

[1] Not in PP. Inscription Philensis II (P. W. Pestman in S. P. Vleeming (ed.) Hundred-Gated Thebes, 101, 119f. (tt)). Ý

[2] The fact that he was of fighting age at the time of his death determines the estimated terminus ante quem for his birth. Ý

[3] Inscription Philensis II. Ý

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1 March 2002: Split into separate entry
22 Feb. 2004: Relinked to Horwennefer, probably identical to Ankhwennefer
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