Ptolemy XIII


Ptolemy XIII Philopator1, son of Ptolemy XII2 probably by Cleopatra V3, born in 62 or 614, succeeded Ptolemy XII as coregent in association with Cleopatra VII spring 515, made senior ruler early in year 3, c. October 506 under the regency of Potheinus7, probably not attested as a victor at the Basileia in Lebadaeia7.1, expelled Cleopatra VII from Egypt in spring 488, reassociated with Cleopatra VII by Julius Caesar in c. Kal.-a.d. VIII Id. Nov. AUC 706 = c. 25-30 August 489, probably married Cleopatra VII at this time10, joined with his sister Arsinoe IV to depose Cleopatra VII11 mid December AUC 706 = early October 4812, drowned while crossing the Nile a.d. VI Kal. Apr. AUC 707 = 13 January 4713. There were no children by the marriage.

No Egyptian titulary is known for him.

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