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Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos Philopator Philadelphos1 also known as Ptolemy Nothus2 and Ptolemy Auletes3, king of Egypt, son of Ptolemy IX4 by an unnamed mother, possibly a concubine but here identified as Cleopatra IV5, born either c. 98 or (preferred here) late 1176, probably in Cyprus7, here identified with the son of Ptolemy IX who was eponymous priest in year 9 = 109/88, and with one of the two children left behind in Alexandria when his father was expelled in 1079, who was probably sent to Cos in 10310, whence he was probably captured by Mithridates VI of Pontus in spring 8811; returned to Egypt as king probably shortly before 13 Pharmouthi year 2 (of Berenice III) = year 1 = 22 April 8012 with Cleopatra V as coregent13, incorporated in the dynastic cult with her as the Father-loving and Brother-loving Gods: Qeoi FilopatoreV kai Filadelfoi14, crowned in Memphis 7615, removed Cleopatra V as coregent between 4 Mesore year 12 = 8 August and 24 Phaophi year 13 = 1 November 6916, probably victor in the pair at the Basileia at Lebedeia probably before c. 6516.1, not deposed in 6516.2 or 6316.3, deposed by Cleopatra VI (here identified with Cleopatra V), and Berenice IV17 in c. June 5818, restored in February 5519, probably did not associate Ptolemy XIII and/or Cleopatra VII as coregents in early year 30 = 52/120, died of disease February/March 5121, succeeded by Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra VII22.

Ptolemy XII's titles as king of Egypt were firstly23:

Horus             Hwnw-nfr bnr-mrwt Tnj-sw-nbtsic-rxyt-Hna-kA.f dwA.n.f-xnmw-Sps-r-Szp-n.f-xa(t)-m-nsw
                     snsn.n-sHnw-m-Haaw-mj-ND-jt.f THn-msw(t)-Hr-nst-jt.f-mj-@r-kA-nxt jty-psD-m-&Amrj-mj-@pw-anx
Two Ladies      wr-pHtj xntS-nHH nfr-jb wTz-nfrw-mj-+Hwtj-aA-aA25
Golden Horus    aA-jb jty nb-onw-nxt-mj-zA-Ast26
Throne Name    jwa-n-pA-nTr-nHm stp-n-PtH jrj-MAat-n-Ra sxm-anx-Jmn27
Son of Re         ptwlmjs anx-Dt mrj-PtH-Ast28

Ptolemy XII alternately used certain titles as follows:29

Two Ladies       wr-pHtj xntS-nHH smn-hpw-mj-+Hwtj-aA-aA30
Golden Horus     aA-jb mrj-nTrw-BAot ity-mj-Ra HoA-WADtj31

Ptolemy XII was engaged to Mithridatis or Nyssa, daughter of Mithridates VI king of Pontus, probably in 8032, and had one known marriage33, to Cleopatra V in or before Tybi year 2 = January 7934, here identified as a daughter of Ptolemy X35 probably by Berenice III36, by whom he probably had five37 children: Berenice IV38, Cleopatra VII, Arsinoe IV, Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV39.

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