Menelaus1, king of Salamis, son of Lagus2, probably by Arsinoe3, date of birth and early career unknown, commander of the Ptolemaic expedition to Cyprus in 3164, succeeded Nicocreon as king of Salamis and strategos of Cyprus 310/95, defeated and captured by Demetrius Poliorcetes at the battle of Salamis in Cyprus in 306 and returned by him to Egypt6, eponymous priest for the fifth time in year 40 (Mac.) of Ptolemy I = 284/37, subsequent career and date of death unknown. No wives or children are known.

[1] PP VI 14537. Gr: MenelaoV. Ý

[2] As brother of Ptolemy I: Plutarch Demetrius 15.2, Diodorus 19.62.4, Justin 15.2. As son of Lagus: pHibeh 1.84a and pEleph 2. Ý

[3] Maternity is unattested. However, Arsinoe is the only known wife of Lagus. Ý

[4] Diodorus 19.62.4 Ý

[5] Strategus: Diodorus 20.47.3; King of Salamis: G. F. Hill, Catalogue of the Greek Coins of Cyprus cxiii f. for a one-third stater calling him "king" (BA). Ý

[6] Diodorus 20.52, Plutarch Demetrius 16.2, Justin 15.2. Strabo 17.1.18 notes that the Menelaite nome was named after him. Ý

[7] pHibeh 1.84a and pEleph 2. It is unlikely that he was eponymous priest for 5 consecutive years because pEleph 3, dated to the following year, year 41, names Eureas son of Proitos as eponymous priest for the third time. After the reign of Ptolemy I, all recorded eponymous priests normally seem to have held the office once only. Ý

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