Leontiscus1, son of Ptolemy I and Thais2, dates of birth and death unknown3, captured by Demetrius Poliorcetes at the battle of Salamis in Cyprus in 306 and returned by him to Egypt4.

[1] PP VI 14528. Gr: LeontiskoV. Ý

[2] Athenaeus 13.576e. E. R. Bevan, House of Ptolemy 53, proposes to amend this text to read "Leontiscus also known as Lagus" for no stated reason; possibly because only Leontiscus is independently documented in literary sources. If so, he must not have been aware that his brother Lagos is independently documented epigraphically, as a victor on the Lycaean Games. Ý

[3] Athenaeus 13.576e names his ahead of Lagos, suggesting he was older, which would place his birth in or before c. 324. However, the name of his brother suggests that Leontiscus was in fact the younger of the two. Since he fought at Salamis he was presumably born before the late 320s. Nothing is known of him after that event. Ý

[4] Justin 15.2. Ý

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