Taimhotep1, sistrum player and priestess of Ptah2, daughter of Kha-hapi3 by Herankh4, born 9 Choiak year 9 of Ptolemy XII = 17 December 735 married Psherenptah III6 on 22 Epeiph year 23 of Ptolemy XII = 25 July 587 mother of Imhotep-Pedubast8 and three daughters9: Berenice, Herankh-beludje and probably Haran-tapedubast10; died 16 Mecheir year 10 of Cleopatra VII = 15 February 4211.

[1] PP IX 7231a. Gr: Taimouthes. Ý

[2] Stele BM 377 as transcribed and translated by E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family of Memphis 186ff. Ý

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[5] Stelae BM 147, BM 377, as transcribed and translated by E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family of Memphis 186ff. Reymond gives the date on BM 147 as 9 Hathyr. However, she is demonstrably unreliable with respect to month names, and the reading "Choiak" is confirmed by J. Quaegebeur, Anc. Soc. 3 (1972) 77, 94. Ý

[6] Stelae BM 886, BM 147, BM 377. Ý

[7] Stele BM 147 + unpublished fragment from Centre Golénischeff. The day is omitted from the stele. H. Gauthier, Le livre des rois d'Égypte IV 398 XXIII restored the date as 1 Epeiph = 4 July, assuming that the absence of a number indicated the first day of the month. J. Quaegebeur, Anc. Soc. 3 (1972) 77, 94 n. 89 notes that he had been shown an unpublished document by Yoyotte which demonstrates that the omission of the day is simply an omission, not a shorthand. He then simply remarks: "Il faut restituer «le 22 Epiphi»". However in D. J. Crawford et al., Studies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47, 51f. n. 2 he clarifies that Yoyotte's fragment specifically gives the date of this marriage. Ý

[8] Stelae BM 886, BM 147, BM 377, BM 188. Ý

[9] Stele BM 377. D. Devauchelle, CdE 58 (1983) 135, 140, concludes that BM 377 shows that the daughters of Psherenptah III were only half sisters to Imhotep-Pedubast and that Berenice was his youngest sister. The reasoning behind this conclusion is not given, and it completely escapes me. BM 147 explicitly states that she gave birth to three daughters before Imhotep-Pedubast, and BM 377 explicitly names her children, in order, as Imhotep-Pedubast, Berenice, Herankh-beludje and Kheredankh, and also states that she had three daughters. While it is known that Kheredankh was born before the marriage to Taimhotep, the name of a fourth daughter of Psherenptah III, Haran-tapedubast, is known from stele Ashm. 1971/18, so it is reasonable to suppose that Kheredankh was named in error on BM 377 for Haran-tapedubast. Imhotep-Pedubast, as the son and heir, is naturally named first, though we know from stele BM 886 that he was born last after several daughters. Further, we know from stele BM 392 that Berenice was born in Choiak or Mesore of year 25, 17 or 25 months after the marriage of Taimhotep. It seems abundantly clear not only that Berenice was born of this marriage but that she was, in all probability, the eldest daughter of the marriage, and that Taimhotep had two more daughters before giving birth to Imhotep-Pedubast. Ý

[10] Stele BM 377. Ý

[11] Stelae BM 147, BM 377. Ý

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