Psherenamun I


Psherenamun I1, god's father, prophet of Ptah, prophet of Min lord of Senut, Chief of Artificers (High Priest of Memphis)2, son of Kha-hapi3 probably by Herankh4, date of birth unknown5, married his sister Taneferher6 in year 3 of Cleopatra VII = 50/497 by whom he had six daughters, including Paibast-Heresankh(?), and one son, Psherenamun II8, probably installed as HPM in year 1 of Augustus = 30/299, probably died in year 3 of Augustus = 28/710.

[1] PP III 5375. Gr: Psenamun. Ý

[2] Stele BM 184. Ý

[3] Stele BM 184 describes Psherenamun I as the husband and brother of Taneferher, mother of Psherenamun II; stele BM 188 describes Psherenamun II as son of both the brother and the sister of the mother of Imhotep-Pedubast. As J. Quaegebeur, Anc. Soc. 3 (1972) 77, 96 notes, "brother" is unlikely to be a synonym for "husband" in these circumstances, so Psherenamun I was certainly a son of Kha-hapi. Whether he was also a son of Herankh is less clear. Quaegebeur says that he was "very probably" the son of a concubine, but gives no reason for arriving at this conclusion. In my view, he should be considered as probably a son of Herankh until proven otherwise. Ý

[4] See discussion above. Ý

[5] J. Quaegebeur in D. J. Crawford et al, Studies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47, 70 (30) estimates his date of birth as c. 80. The reasoning for this estimate is not given. His sisters Taimhotep and Taneferher were born in 73 and 62 respectively, which suggests a birth date in the area of 75/65. Ý

[6] Stele BM 184. Ý

[7] Stele BM 184. Ý

[8] Stele BM 184. Ý

[9] Psherenamun I is stated to have been an HPM on stele BM 184. His son Psherenamun II was certainly HPM in 23, when he buried his mother. A Psherenamun was confirmed by Augustus as HPM in 28/7. E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family from Memphis 230 translates the relevant text as explicitly naming this Psherenamun as the son of Taneferher, i.e. as Psherenamun II; J. Quaegebeur, Anc. Soc. 3 (1972) 77, 91 does not, but nevertheless concludes that this is likely (p96).

So, we have two short gaps in the pontificate: between the death of Psherenptah III in July 41 and the installation of Imhotep-Pedubast in 40/39 at the age of 7, and between his death in August 30 and the confirmation of Psherenamun II in 28/7. Psherenamun I must fit into one of these short gaps. E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family from Memphis 231, dates him to the interval 30-27; J. Quaegebeur in D. J. Crawford et al, Studies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47, 73 to the interval 41-40/39, presumably because of the extreme youth of Imhotep-Pedubast.

In the absence of deciding evidence, its a judgement call as to which of these alternatives is correct. In my opinion, it is probably the later one. This only requires one change in line, and that change arises for the simple and natural reason that the mainline is extinguished. While the functions of the office were certainly exercised by others after 41, this will still have been true after Imhotep-Pedubast came to office. It seems most likely that the formal position of HPM was left vacant until Imhotep-Pedubast came of absolutely minimal age. Ý

[10] Date of installation of Psherenamun II as given on stele BM 184. See discussion above. Ý

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