Neferibre1, god's father, servant of the god, sDm, wr hAw, prophet2, possibly son of Nesisti-Pedubast3 by Nefersobek4, presumably born after 2895, subsequent chronology unknown.

[1] PP III 5647. On the proposals of Quaegebeur and Thompson to identify this Neferibre with the father of Heresankh, priestess of Philotera, see discussion here. Ý

[2] pLouvre 3084 -- see PP IX 5647. The title "servant of the god" is given by D. Devauchelle, in a posting to PAPY-L dated 29 March 2002. Ý

[3] pLouvre 3084, Neferibre's Book of the Dead. The publication cited by PP, T. Deveria, Catalogue des manuscrits égyptiens au Musée égyptien du Louvre 90f., III.52, does not give Neferibre's father Nesisti any titles. D. Devauchelle, in a posting to PAPY-L dated 29 March 2002, has confirmed Deveria's reading on this point. The basis for assuming that he was a Nesisti HPM is unstated by both PP and J. Quaegebeur in D. J. Crawford et al, Studies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47, 66. It appears to be the pairing of Nesisti and Nefersobek as parents of Neferibre, since the parents of Anemhor II have the same names.

This is a perfectly reasonable conjecture, and the occurence of the unusual name "Nesisti" does suggest a connection to the pontifical family. However, the apparent absence of the HPM title on pLouvre 3084 is a little puzzling, especially since pLouvre 3084 also names both his parents as deceased, which rules out any possibility that Neferibre died before his father's ascension to the pontificate. While I cannot regard the conjecture as proven, it nevertheless remains reasonable. The coincidence of names does suggest that Neferibre's parents are to be identified with the homonymous parents of Anemhor II. However, it is not the only possible solution linking pLouvre 3084 to other known individuals. For example, Neferibre's father could be Nesisti son of Heresankh, daughter of another Neferibre.

Assuming that the Nesisti of pLouvre 3084 actually was an HPM, his identity with Nesisti-Pedubast HPM is assured by the name of the mother and the shared maternity with Anemhor II. Ý

[4] pLouvre 3084. Ý

[5] Date of birth of his full brother Anemhor II, who is assumed to be older because he succeeded to the pontificate, though it is also possible that Neferibre was an elder brother who died during the pontificate of Pedubast I before Anemhor's accession. Ý

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