Khonsiu1, royal scribe for each second and fourth phyle, prophet of Nectanebo II of the temple of Tadehnet, sm-priest, scribe of Imhotep son of Ptah, priest of the courtyard of the temple of Ptah, scribe of the provisions of the cattle of the temple of Memphis2, son of Nesisti-Pedubast, High Priest of Memphis3 by Renpet-neferet4, probably born before 2705, probably died 17 Hathyr year 37 of Ptolemy II = 8 January 2486, buried 27 Tybi year 37 = 19 March 2487.

[1] PP III 5874. Ý

[2] Stele BM 375. See PP IX 5874 and E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family from Memphis 82. Ý

[3] Stele BM 375. For the identity of his father, named on BM 375 as Nesisti HPM, with Nesisti-Pedubast HPM, see discussion under Renpet-neferet. Ý

[4] Stele BM 375. Ý

[5] His posts clearly show he was an adult at death. Ý

[6] I.e. 70 days before the burial date given on Stele BM 375. The king is named as Ptolemy son of Ptolemy, which is a designation used only for Ptolemy II, although he was normally named as son of Ptolemy Soter by this time. Ý

[7] Stele BM 375. Ý

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