Kha-hapi1, god's father, beloved of the god, sm-priest, prophet of Ptah lord of strength, priest of the temples of Memphis, scribe of Ptah lord of sycamore, scribe of the house of life of the living Apis, eyes of pharaoh, scribe of the sacred books of all the gods of Egypt, scribe of the sacred book, chancellor of the god, prophet of Horus Lord of Letopolis, prophet of Khnum lord of Semenhor, scribe of decrees, prophet of Min lord of Senut, master of secrets in Iat-Wadjet, master of secrets in Letopolis and Yit2, parentage unknown3, married Herankh4 by whom he had Taimhotep5, Taneferher6 and probably Psherenamun I7; possibly also Horemhotep8. Chronology unknown9.

[1] PP IX 5857 = PP IX 5857a. Gr: Chaapis. Ý

[2] Stele BM 184 -- see PP IX 5857. Ý

[3] We have no data. While it is tempting to link him to the family of the HPLs, he does not hold the title of HPL, which disappears with the last known HPL, Anemhor-Pashen. The chronological indications we have make him roughly a contemporary of Anemhor-Pashen.

Specifically, it is tempting to associate him with a fragment of genealogy noted by J. Quaegebeur, JNES 30 (1971) 239, 259, combining CCG 31136 with Louvre C264 (unpublished) through the common occurrence of Thatres, consummate sistrum-player of Ptah (PP III 7120):


Harsiesi (PP IX 5487a) held, inter alia, the title of scribe of Ptah of the whole first phyle, scribe of Arsinoe Theos Philadelphos, indicating a senior cult position tied to the Letopolite or Memphite temples. His putative brother Pedubast (PP IX 5760) died in the 19th (or less likely 16th) year of an unspecified king, hence 187/6, 163/2, 96/5 or 63/2. Quaegebeur guessed, from the poor quality of the stele, that a late date was likely. Since Ptolemy XII seems to have reformed the dynastic cult, a date of 96/5 seems most likely. As noted below, Kha-hapi is unlikely to have been born after 90. Hence the Kha-hapi of CCG 31136 (PP III 5859) is possibly his grandfather. While PP lists several other Kha-hapis, so the name is not uncommon, the cult position combined with the name may indicate a connection. Ý

[4] Stelae BM 886, BM 147, BM 377, BM 184. Ý

[5] Stelae BM 886, BM 147, BM 377. Ý

[6] Stele BM 184. Ý

[7] See discussion under Psherenamun I. Ý

[8] See discussion under Horemhotep. Ý

[9] The major indication is that his eldest daughter, Taimhotep, born in 73, married Psherenptah III HPM in 58. Kha-hapi cannot have been born much later than c. 90, and was probably at least a decade older. Ý

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