Imhotep-Pedubast1, hereditary prince and count, gods father, sm-priest, prophet of Ptah, priest of the temples of Memphis, scribe of Ptah, scribe of the master of the place of sycamore, prophet of Osiris lord of Rosetau, prophet of the window of appearance, prophet of pharaoh, warden of the seat of the living Apis, scribe of the house of life, scribe of the living Apis, Chief of Artificers (High Priest of Memphis)2, son of Psherenptah III3 by Taimhotep4, born 15 Epeiph year 6 of Cleopatra VII = 15 July 465 became High Priest of Memphis 25 Epeiph year 13 of Cleopatra VII = 23 July 396, died 6 Mesore year 22 of Cleopatra VII = 1 August 307, buried 14 Pharmuthi year 7 of Augustus = 9 April 238.

[1] PP III 5366 = PP III 5372. Gr: Imouthes-Petobastis. Imhotep-Pedubast on stelae BM 886, BM 147; Pedubast-Imhotep on Ashm. 1971/18, BM 377, BM 188. The first two are the hieroglyphic funerary stelae of his parents. The last three are their demotic funerary stelae and his own, and probably represents the popular form in his own day. The first form, or just "Pedubast", has become standard in the literature. Ý

[2] Stele BM 188 -- see PP IX 5372, E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family of Memphis 218, 220. Ý

[3] Stelae BM 886, Ashm. 1971/18, BM 147. Ý

[4] Stelae BM 886, BM 147. Ý

[5] Stelae BM 147, BM 188. E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family of Memphis 218, 220 gives the date of birth as 13 Phamenoth on BM 188. This is certainly a misreading since BM 188 gives his age at death as 16 years and 21 days. Ý

[6] Stele BM 188 says he was installed at the age of 7 years and 10 days. Ý

[7] Stele BM 188. This is the day of the fall of Alexandria to Octavian. It is very hard to believe that this coincidence is accidental, especially in light of the delay in his burial. At a guess, a rival in the family (Psherenamun II?) took advantage of the political chaos to remove him. Ý

[8] Stele BM 188. His aunt Taneferher, mother of Psherenamun II, was buried the same day. The extraordinary delay of nearly 7 years in his burial, and its evident secrecy, can only be due to political circumstances. Ý

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