Herankh1, perfect sistrum player of Sekhmet the great, beloved of Ptah, perfect sistrum player of Ptah, beautiful of forms in the temple....2 parentage and date of birth unknown, wife of Anemhor II3 before Hathyr year 18 of Ptolemy II = January 2674, by whom she was the mother of at least5 Djedhor6, Horemakhet7 and probably Horemhotep8, died before 23 Mecheir year 24 of Ptolemy III = 8 April 2239.

[1] PP III 6041 = PP IX 6052a. Ý

[2] Stele Vienna 154, Statue Moscow 5351. See PP IX 6052a. Ý

[3] Stelae Vienna 154, BM 391. Ý

[4] I.e. at least 9 months before the date of birth of Djedhor HPM as given on stele Vienna 154. Ý

[5] On the proposal of P. Munro, Die spätägyptischen Totenstelen 162 that she also had a daughter Heresankh, see discussion under Heresankh. Ý

[6] Stele Vienna 154. Ý

[7] Stele BM 391. Ý

[8] Statue Moscow 5351. See discussion under Horemhotep. Ý

[9] Stele Vienna 154 names her as "deceased" on this date. Ý

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