Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab1, god's father, beloved of the god, sm-priest, prophet of Ptah, priest of the temples of Memphis, High Priest of Letopolis, scribe of Ptah, of Arsinoe Philadelphos, and of the whole third phyle of the temple of Memphis and the temple of the goddess Philadelphos, phylarque for 15 days, sA-st of the living Apis, prophet of Mut who is at the head of the horns of the gods, prophet of Sekhmet, mistress of Rahesu, prophet of Sekhmet mistress of Sat, prophet of Horus Lord of Letopolis, master of the secrets of Pr-jit at Letopolis, prophet of Osiris lord of Rosetau, scribe of Horus lord of Letopolis, scribe of Imhotep son of Ptah, prophet of Nefertem2; son of Heriu, High Priest of Letopolis, here identified as Heriu II3, and of Taanemhor4, born c. 167/65, died 20 Epeiph year 17 or 18 of Ptolemy X = 1 August 97 or 966, buried 29 Thoth year 18 or 19 = 14 October 97 or 967, father of Anemhor-Pashen, High Priest of Letopolis8, and one other son and a daughter by Nebwadjet9.

[1] PP IX 5368. Gr: Pehemntjer-Peteharmais. Ý

[2] CCG 31099, CCG 31103. The combination of names and titles and paternity assures the identity of the men named on these two stelae. See D. Wildung, Imhotep und Amenhotep 62. Ý

[3] CCG 31099, CCG 31103. J. Quaegebeur, JNES 30 (1972) 239, 267 suggests that his father is to be identified with Heriu III. This is not possible, since Heriu III was only eight years old when Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab was born. However, Heriu II died when Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab was two years old, at the age of 50, so could easily be his father. Ý

[4] CCG 31103. Ý

[5] CCG 31103 states that he lived for 70 years, hence this date is estimated from his date of death. The chart on D. J. Thompson, Memphis Under the Ptolemies 130 shows the date of birth as 160. This is a transcriptional error. (D. J. Thompson, pers. comm.). Ý

[6] CCG 31103. Spiegelberg has him buried on 29 Thoth year 18 but dead on 20 Epeiph of year 18, 10 months later. Hence the year number on one of these dates must be wrong. Since the stele was erected immediately after his burial, it is perhaps marginally more likely that he died in year 17 and was buried in year 18. In either case, the king is unnamed but must be Ptolemy X since Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab's son Anemhor-Pashen died in 73 at the age of 33. Ý

[7] CCG 31103. See discussion under his date of death. Ý

[8] CCG 31103 does not not name any of his children. The name of his son Anemhor-Pashen is given on CCG 31099. Ý

[9] CCG 31099. Ý

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