Heriu III


Heriu III1, god's father, beloved of the god, sm-priest, prophet of Ptah, High Priest of Letopolis, priest of the temple of Memphis, chief of the necropolis, imj-is, prophet of Osiris, prophet of Isis and Arsinoe of the Arsinoeion, scribe of the court of the temple of Ptah under his olive tree, scribe of Ptah of each third phyle, phylarque (?) for 15 days, prophet of Mut who is at the head of the "horns of the gods" and of her Ennead, scribe of Sekhmet mistress of Rahesu, prophet of Sekhmet mistress of Sat, royal scribe accountable for the temple of Letopolis, scribe of decrees and letters, scribe of the holy book, scribe of the divine seal of the temple of Pr-ijt in the Letopolite nome, master of secrets in the Letopolite nome, first prophet of Horus of Letopolis and his Ennead, prophet of Nefertem2; son of Heriu II High Priest of Letopolis3, and Herankh4; born Pachon or Payni year 7 of Ptolemy VI = June 1745, died 21 Phaophi year 40 of Ptolemy VIII = 14 November 1316, buried 1 Tybi year 40 of Ptolemy VIII = 23 January 1307 with no known wife or children8.

[1] PP IX 5359a, here distinguished from PP III 5360 (see discussion under Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab). Gr: Herieus. On the transcription of the name, see discussion under Heriu I.

On Speigelberg's suggestion that this priest was also known as Psamtek, see discussion under Psamtek. Ý

[2] Louvre C124. Ý

[3] Louvre C124. The hieroglyphics are slightly corrupt, but the patronymic is established from the demotic. See J. Quaegebeur, JNES 30 (1974) 239, 254f. Ý

[4] Louvre C124. Ý

[5] Louvre C124, estimated from his age at death, given as 43 years and 5 months. Ý

[6] Louvre C124. Ý

[7] Louvre C124. Ý

[8] On Quaegebeur's argument (JNES 30 (1974) 239, 267) that he was the father of Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab, High Priest of Letopolis, see discussion under Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab. Ý

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