Heriu II


Heriu II1, god's father, beloved of the god, sm-priest, prophet of Ptah, priest of the temples of Memphis; prophet of Nut, the great, mother of the gods; High Priest of Letopolis; prophet of the gods in the temple of Nut; scribe of the second phyle; scribe of the temple..... [prophet? of] Ptah under his olive tree; prophet of Mut, who is at the head of the "Horns of the Gods"; prophet of the gods of the temple of @w.t-Sd-ibd; scribe of the first, fourth and fifth phyles; scribe of the treasury; scribe of the temple of Letopolis; prophet of Sekhmet, mistress of Ruhisat, and of Sekhmet, mistress of Sat; scribe of the first phyle in that place; prophet of Osiris Lord of Rosetau; prophet of the gods Euegertai and Philopatores; prophet of Isis and Osiris-Apis; scribe who does his duty; scribe of the court of the temple of Osiris, Lord of Rosetau; prophet of Ptah, lord of Senenmaat, and of Isis mistress of Senenmaat, and of the gods of the temple of Senenmaat; scribe of the temple in that place; assistant and phylarch for 15 days of each fourth phyle of the temple of Memphis; prophet of the locks of Ptah, lord of Eternity; prophet of the baton of Ptah; scribe of Ptah and of Arsinoe Philadelophos of each fifth phyle; prophet of Menes; chief of the representatives of Ptah; prophet of Nefertem2; eldest son of Ahmes, High Priest of Letopolis3 by Tadjetuser4, born 24 Payni year 8 of Ptolemy IV = 5 August 2145, died 26 Hathyr year 7 of Ptolemy VIII = 27 December 1646, buried 6 Mecheir year 7 of Ptolemy VIII = 7 March 1637; probably father of Psamtek, High Priest of Letopolis, probably by Herankh8; father of Heriu III, High Priest of Letopolis, by Herankh9; probably not father of Horemhotep III, High Priest of Letopolis10; here identified with Heriu, High Priest of Letopolis, father of Pahemnetjer-Petehoremhab, High Priest of Letopolis, by Taanemhor11.

[1] PP IX 5359, here identified with PP III 5360 (see discussion under Pehemnetjer-Petehoremhab). Gr: Herieus. On the transcription of the name, see discussion under Heriu I. Ý

[2] Titles assembled in PP from: Louvre C316; Bologna 1943; Louvre N 427a; BM 378; Louvre D6; Louvre C124. Hieroglyphic transcriptions in E. A. Otto, ZÄS 81 (1956) 109, in the above order. The main source is BM 378, listed first by PP, his funerary stele. Ý

[3] BM 378, Louvre N427a. Ý

[4] BM 378, Louvre N427a. The latter specifies that he was the eldest son. Ý

[5] BM 378. The source gives the length of his life as 50 years 6 months and 5 days, but the birth and death dates imply a length of 50 years 5 months and 7 days. An inscriptional error in the length of life (as a calculated amount) is assumed. See E. A. Otto, ZÄS 81 (1956) 109, 111 n. 2. Ý

[6] BM 378. Ý

[7] BM 378. Ý

[8] Louvre N 427a. See discussion under Psamtek. Ý

[9] Berlin 14460. See discussion under Heriu III. Ý

[10] See discussion under Horemhotep III. Ý

[11] CCG 31099, CCG 31103. See discussion under Pahenetjer-Petehoremhab. Ý

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