Ahmes1, same titles as Heriu II plus: prophet of the temple of Ramses in the temple of Memphis; phylarch of the five phyles of the domain of the temple of $ntj-Tnnt and of the temple of the domain of Semenmaat; prophet of Amun in the town of Ptah in the district of Mesdet; prophet of the divine statues, scribe of Ptah and of the goddes Philadelphos of each fourth phyle, who sees Serapis in aH-AXt; master of the secrets of Rosetau, master of secrets of the domain of Ptah, of the august place, of the secrets of Heaven, Earth and the Duat, nb pHtj, prophet of the gods Adelphoi, Euergetai, Philopatores and Epiphaneis; phylarch for 15 days of the fifth phyle in the temple of Memphis; who opens the gates; scribe of the Treasury of Sheb-ibed; prophet of Amun of Deniu and of the gods of Deniu; employee of the storehouse; prophet of the gods Euergetai of the temple of the domain of Semenmaat, kbH2; son of Heriu I3 and Tanetamun4, date of birth unknown; died 4 Pharmouthi year 22 of Ptolemy V = 9 May 1835; buried 24 Payni year 22 of Ptolemy V = 28 July 1836; father of Heriu II7 by Tadjetuser8.

[1] PP IX 5351. Gr: Amasis. Ý

[2] Texts cited in E. A. Otto, ZÄS 81 (1956) 109: Louvre C 316; Bologna 1943; Strasbourg 1381; Berlin 14460; Berlin 38; Louvre N427a; BM 378. Ý

[3] Louvre C 316; Strasbourg 1381; Bologna 1943. Ý

[4] Louvre C 316; Strasbourg 1381; Bologna 1943. Ý

[5] Bologna 1943 says he was buried after 80 days of preparation. J. Quaegebeur, JNES 30 (1974) 239, 253 n. 86, gratuitously amends this to 70, based on the Herodotean traditon of 70 days between death and burial, but there are numerous examples that the 70 days was not exact. Ý

[6] Bologna 1943. The king is not named but we known from Berlin 14460 that Ahmes was alive under Ptolemy V, since he held a position in the cult of that king, while there is no indication that he lived under Ptolemy VI. We also know that his eldest son Heriu II was born in 214, which seems more consistent with the earlier date of death for Ahmes. Ý

[7] BM 378. Ý

[8] BM 378. Ý

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