« A.U.C. 568 = 186 B.C. »

CIL I 581, the senatus consultum proscribing the Bacchanalia, is dated Non. Oct. of this year. N. Prack, Der römische Kalendar (264-168 v. Chr.) 157 notes that, following Livy's description of this affair (Livy 39.8-39.19), he describes the campaign of the consul Q. Marcius in Liguria and also the raising of troops for campaigns in Spain (Livy 39.20). Thus Non. Oct. should therefore be fairly early in the summer. On the reconstruction proposed here, with an intercalation in A.U.C. 567 = 187, the equivalent date is 11-12 June 186; if there was no intercalation the corresponding date is 20 May 187. Either date is consistent with Livy. Thus CIL I 581 generally confirms the synchronism of Livy 37.4.4 without allowing us to discriminate detailed models of intercalation.

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