« A.U.C. 590 = 164 B.C. »

This year probably had an intercalation of unknown length. SIG3 2.644 from Delos, an Athenian decree which granted free exercise of the cult of Serapis at Delos. This was backed up by a senatus consultum, dated Id. Int. of an unspecified year. It records that the presiding officer was Q. Municius, praetor urbanus or peregrinus. By the nature of the decree, it must have been issued early in Athenian rule over Delos, reestablished by Roman authority in A.U.C. 588 = 166, and praetores urbani are otherwise known for 166, 165, and 163. (P. Rousell, BCH 37 (1913) 310 at 314f.; T. R. S. Broughton, The Magistrates of the Roman Republic I 440 n. 1). Hence this intercalation most probably occurred in 164.

On the reconstructed Lex Acilia proposed here, the Julian dates of A.U.C. 589 = 165 are known, and it was a regular year. Further, the analysis of A.U.C. 614 = 140 indicates that there were no pairs of consecutive regular years between A.U.C. 586 = 168 and A.U.C. 614 = 140. Hence A.U.C. 590 = 164 was an intercalary year, of uncertain length, and its absolute dates, up to the Terminalia, are fixed.

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