« A.U.C. 599 = 155 B.C. »

Polybius 33.1 notes that P. Lentulus reported to the Senate "while it was still winter". He then reports an embassy from the Achaeans on behalf of their prisoners. The Senate meeting with this embassy was presided over by A. Postumius Albinus, praetor in A.U.C. 599. F. W. Walbank, Commentary of Polybius III 542 concluded that Albinus had only recently entered into office and therefore Id. Mart. of this year was late in the winter. P. Brind'Amour, Le calendrier romain 129 correctly notes that Polybius is highly fragmentary at this point, and gives no indication whether Lentulus reported to the Senate before or after the new office-holders took up office. Hence this passage does not indicate a synchronism.

On the reconstruction suggested here, Id. Mart. of this year was in mid February 155.

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