« A.U.C. 600 = 154 B.C. »

This year saw a major reform, in that the start of the consular year was moved from Id. Mart. to Kal. Ian. at the end of this year. This is recorded in three sources. Cassiodorus, Chronica, dates the event to the consulate of Q. Fulvius (Nobilior) and T. Annius (Luscus), i.e. A.U.C. 601. The Fasti Praenestini note under Kal. Ian. that the first time the consuls entered their office on this date was A.U.C. 601. Livy, Per. 47.13, dates the reform to A.U.C. 598 on his system. Evidently the Fasti Praenestini used the Varronian system for A.U.C. dates, while Livy's date is based on A.U.C. 1 = 750.

The effect of this reform was to move an intercalation from the end of the year, immediately before the end of one consular term and the start of the next, to the beginning. For intercalations in all earlier years, the intercalary month occurs at the end of the consular year.

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