Babylonian and Seleucid Dates

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This page gives access to two conversion tables in Excel format (905 kB), with a copy in HTML format (2.57 MB), useful for determining the Julian equivalent of Babylonian and Seleucid civil dates in the Ptolemaic era. The dates of some important events early in the Ptolemaic era, such as the death of Alexander, and of a number of Seleucid events involving Ptolemaic princesses, can be determined from these tables.

Three tables are provided:

1) The standard conversion table generated by Parker & Dubberstein in 1956 (PD)
2) A corrected conversion table, consisting of PD overlaid by data from contemporary astronomical diaries, lunar tables, eclipse reports, eclipse predictions, goal year texts and horoscopes.
3) A difference table, showing the differences between the first two tables.

The second of these tables is also provided in a CSV text format.

19 July 2005: Updated with Huber data, extend to cover Alex III, discuss early regnal years
30 Nov 2005: Removed misplaced implications that the Jewish calendar was aligned with the Babylonian calendar at this time.
4 Jun 2006: Add notice of Stephenson & Steele, JHA 37 (2006) 55, showing that the eclipse dated 29 Addaru II SE 175 must be that of 19 April 136 BC.
10 Apr. 2007: Updated with crosscheck from Fatoohi et al, JHA 30 (1999) 56.

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