Ptolemy Ceraunus


Ptolemy Ceraunus1, king of Macedon, son of Ptolemy I and Eurydice2, born c. 319/18 or a little later3, passed over as heir to the throne of Egypt c287/54, fled first to the court of Lysimachus king of Thrace and Macedon, and then (c283/2) to the court of Seleucus I5, who he murdered at Lysimicheia while he was en route to Macedon in Ululu SEB 31 = Sept. 2816. He then took the Macedonian throne, was wounded and captured in battle against an invasion of the Gauls and was beheaded by them7, and was succeeded in the fifth month of Ol. 125.1 = c. Jan/Feb 279 by his brother Meleager8.

Ptolemy Ceraunus was married at least once and probably twice:

Ptolemy Ceraunus probably first married Unknown, possibly a daughter of Lysimachus, king of Thrace, by whom there was one daughter9.

Ptolemy Ceraunus certainly married Arsinoe II, his half-sister, at Cassandrea in the winter of 281/280 as her second husband. There were no children of this marriage10.

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