Alexander1, son of Ptolemy III probably by Berenice II2, probably born c. September/October 2423, probably died in the purge of 221 or earlier4, remaining life unknown.

[1] PP VI 14479. Gr: AlexandroV. Ý

[2] Paternity: Exedra of Thermos: IG IX, I, I2, 56g. While Berenice II is not explicitly named as his mother she is the only option known to us, and the presence of Alexander in the exedra tends to support this view. Ý

[3] See discussion under Magas. Ý

[4] Alexander is not named by Polybius as a victim of the purge of 221. Since Ptolemy IV was apparently removing all potential dynastic threats at this time, including his mother and even his uncle Lysimachus, it hardly seems likely that he would have left Alexander alone if he was still alive. Hence my conclusion that he died at this time or earlier. Ý

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