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This book is valuable for teaching graduates the wide variety of backgrounds which illuminate the full range of the New Testament.  These new and significant studies will be widely cited by future scholars and  commentators.



The Rt. Revd John B. Taylor, Chairman of the Tyndale House Council


List of Publications by Bruce W. Winter





The Linguistic Background to Jesus’ Dereliction Cry (Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34)
P. J. Williams


Jesus and the New Exodus Restoration of Daughter Zion: Mark 5:21-43 in Context
Rikki Watts


Papyrological Perspectives on Luke’s Predecessors (Luke 1:1)
Peter M. Head


Zechariah Wrote (Luke 1:63)
Alan Millard


Atonement Theology in Luke-Acts: Reflections on Its Background
David Peterson


‘I Suppose’ (oi\mai): The Conclusion of John’s Gospel in Its Literary and Historical Context
Andreas J. Köstenberger



ÔOmoqumadovn in Acts: Co-location, Common Action or ‘Of One Heart and Mind’?
Steve Walton


The Italian Cohort in Acts 10:1
Irina Levinskaya


Before Paul Arrived in Corinth: The Mission Strategies in 1 Corinthians 2:2 and Acts 17
Conrad Gempf



‘Beloved Brothers’ in the New Testament and Early Christian World
Alanna Nobbs


Equality or Mutuality? Paul’s Use of ‘Brother’ Language
Andrew D. Clarke


‘For the Husband Is Head of the Wife’: Paul’s Use of Head and Body Language
I. Howard Marshall


The Appeal to Convention in Paul
E. A. Judge


‘With What Kind of Body Do They Come?’ (1 Corinthians 15:35b): Paul’s Conception of Resurrection Bodies
Brian S. Rosner


The Summing Up of All Things (Ephesians 1:10)
Peter T. O’Brien


A Saviour for the Cities of Crete: The Roman Background to the Epistle to Titus
David W. J. Gill


A Place for Hebrews? Contexts for a First-Century Sermon
Peter Walker


James As a Sermon on the Trials of Abraham
David Instone-Brewer


‘You Have No Need That Anyone Should Teach You’ (1 John 2:27): An Old Testament Allusion That Determines the Interpretation
D. A. Carson



Rome, Provincial Cities and the Seven Churches of Revelation 2–3
Bruce W. Longenecker


Revelation 12: An Apocalyptic ‘Church History’?
Paul Barnett


Index of Ancient Sources


Index of Modern Authors