Introduction to Tyndale House
Equipping the people of God to understand the Bible

Picture from Tyndale House

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Tyndale House was founded in 1944 by a group of Christian leaders who believed that serious study of the Bible should take place within a believing community. Cambridge is the ideal location and the House is physically surrounded by buildings of Cambridge University.

The Upper Hexagon is used for meetings, lectures, and seminars as well as our weekly prayer meetings. The Boardroom is used for smaller meetings and tutorials. The Lounge and gardens offer readers lovely surroundings in which to meet, pray, and discuss research with one another.

The door of no. 36 Selwyn Gardens has become the symbol of the best kept secret in Cambridge. The House itself dates back to 1908 and is in the traditional Edwardian style.  It was the earliest property and the Library and Hexagon were added subsequently.

The combination of academic excellence, nearby libraries dedicated to Classical Greek and Hebrew, and the computer facilities of Britain's ‘Silicon Fen’ make this location perfect.

Library     Accommodation    Tour