Ptolemy XV Caesarion


Ptolemy XV Caesar Philopator Philometor1 also known as Caesarion2, son of Cleopatra VII3 probably by Julius Caesar4, probably born in summer 47, probably not on 23 Payni year 5 = 23 June 475, probably made coregent under Cleopatra VII 1 Thoth year 9 = 2 September 446, probably not attested as a victor at the Basileia in Lebadaeia6.1, declared "king of kings" at the Donations of Alexandria in autumn 347, executed by Octavian probably late August 308.

Ptolemy XV's titles as king of Egypt were9:

Horus               (1) Hwnw-nfr bnr-mrwt 10
                       (2) kA-nxt jAxw-stwt-Ra-JaH11
Two Ladies        <unknown>
Golden Horus     <unknown>
Throne Name     jwa-(n)-pA-nTr-nHm stp-n-PtH jrj-MAat-Ra sxm-(anx)-n-Jmn12
Son of Re          (1) ptwlmjs Dd.tw-n.f kjsrs anx-Dt mrj-PtH-Ast13
                   (2) ptwlmjs pA Wynn14

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