Ptolemy VI



Ptolemy VI Philometor1 king of Egypt, son of Ptolemy V by Cleopatra I2, probably born in Pharmouthi year 19 (Eg.) of Ptolemy V = 7 May-5 June 1863, possibly on 28 Hyperberetaios year 19 (Mac.)= c. 26 May 1863.01, possibly victor in the Panathenaia of 1823.1, succeeded c. Mesore year 25 (Eg.) of Ptolemy V = September 1804, ruler under Cleopatra I as senior ruler till her death between 9 Mesore year 3 = 20 September 178 and 9 Thoth year 5 = 14 October 1775, then under the regency of the eunuchs Eulaios and Lennaios till declared of age in about January 1696, incorporated in the dynastic cult with Cleopatra II in c. March 175 as the Mother-loving Gods, Qeoi FilomhtwreV7, took Cleopatra II and Ptolemy VIII as corulers probably on 1 Thoth year 12 = year 1 = 5 October 1708, then fled Alexandria (after considering or attempting flight to Samothrace) in early 169 to join Antiochus IV Epiphanes, his maternal uncle, who at that time was occupying Egypt outside Alexandria, theoretically in defence of his interests, and was crowned in Memphis9, returned to Alexandria on the withdrawal of Syrian forces and rejoined the joint regime around September/October 16910, temporarily deposed with Cleopatra II by Ptolemy VIII between 21 Thoth and 6 Hathyr Year 7 (of the joint regime) = between 23 October and 7 December 16411, restored by the Alexandrian mob in summer 163, deposing Ptolemy VIII12, victor in the Panathenaia in (most probably) 16212.1 and 15812.2, briefly accepted then repudiated the role of king of Syria at Antioch c. June 14513, died c. July 145 from head injuries suffered when attacked after a fall from his horse in the battle of Oinoparas against Alexander Balas14, succeeded by Ptolemy VIII15.

Ptolemy VI's titles as king of Egypt were:16

Horus               Tnj-m-xt snsn-@pw-AnX-msxn(t).sn17
Two Ladies        m-MAat sxaj.n-sw-jt.f18
Golden Horus      wr-pHtj nb-HAbw-sd-mj-PtH-&ATnn-jt-nTrw jty-mj-Ra19
Throne Name      jwa-n-nTrwj-prwj stp-n-PtH-#prj jrj-MAat-Jmn-Ra20
Son of Re          ptwlmjs anx-Dt mrj-PtH21

Ptolemy VI married his sister Cleopatra II, queen of Egypt22, by whom he had at least four children23: Ptolemy Eupator24, Ptolemy25, Cleopatra Thea26 and Cleopatra III27, and possibly Berenice28.

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