Ptolemy IV



Ptolemy IV Philopator1 king of Egypt, son of Ptolemy III by Berenice II2, probably born c. May/June 2443, succeeded between 1 Thoth (Eg.) = 18 October and 15 Hathyr (Eg.) = 31 December 2224, incorporated in the dynastic cult with Arsinoe III in Year 7 (Mac.) = 216/5 as the Fatherloving Gods, Qeoi FilopatwreV5, associated Ptolemy V in the throne probably on 30 Mesore year 12 = 9 October 210 or 17 Phaophi year 13 = 30 November 2106, lost Upper Egypt to Horwennefer between 1 Thoth year 1/18 = 13 October and 29 Thoth year 1/18 = 10 November 2057, probably not attested as a victor at the Basileia in Lebadaeia7.1, reign ended after c. 23 Pachon year 18 = 2 July 204 and before c. 10 Epheiph = 18 August 2048, died of unknown causes, possibly from burns received in a palace fire9.

Ptolemy IV's titles as king of Egypt were:10

Horus               Hwnw-onj sxaj.n-sw-jt.f11
Two Ladies        wr-pHtj mnx-jb-xr-nTrw-nb(w) nDtj-n-Hnmnt12
Golden Horus      swDA-BAot sHD-gsw-prw smn-hpw-mj-+Hwtj-aA-aA nb-HAbw-sd-mj-PtH-&ATnn ity-mj-Ra13
Throne Name     jwa-n-nTrwj-mnxwj stp-(n)-PtH wsr-kA-Ra sHm-anx-(n)-Jmn14
Son of Re          ptwlmjs anx-Dt mrj-Ast15

Ptolemy IV had one marriage and at least one known liaison.

Ptolemy IV married his sister Arsinoe III16, by whom he had a son, Ptolemy V17.

Ptolemy IV conducted a liaison with Agathoclea18, daughter of Oenanthe probably by Agathocles19, by whom he may had a child20.

Ptolemy IV probably did not conduct liaisons with Hippe, a courtesan21, or with Aristonica, a Samian flautist or dancer22.

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