Ptolemy III



Ptolemy III Euergetes Tryphon1 king of Egypt, son of Ptolemy II by Arsinoe I2, born c. 285-2753, official birthday Dios 5 (Mac.)4, very probably raised on Thera4.1, succeeded Ptolemy II probably Dios 25 (Mac.) = 28 January 2465, possibly briefly Great King of Babylon early 2456, incorporated in the dynastic cult with Berenice II between Artemisios year 4 (Mac.) = 7 July 244 and 30 Epheiph year 5 (Eg.) = 17 September 243 as the Benefactor Gods, Qeoi Euerghtai7, died of natural causes8 between 1 Thoth (Eg.) = 18 October and 15 Hathyr (Eg.) = 31 December 2229 and was succeeded9.1 by Ptolemy IV10.

Ptolemy III's titles as king of Egypt were:11

Horus               (1) Hkn-nTrw-rmT-Hr.f m-Szp.f-nsyt-m-a-jt.f12
                      (2) wr-pHtj jrj-aDt-m-bTnw.f13
Two Ladies        onw nDtj-nTrw jnb-mnx-n-TAmrj14
Golden Horus     wr-pHtj jrj-Axt nb-HAbw-sd-mj-PtH-TATnn jty-mj-Ra15
Throne Name     jwa-n-nTrwj-snwj stp-(n)-Ra sxm-anx-n-Jmn16
Son of Re          ptwlmjs anx-Dt mrj-PtH17

Ptolemy III had one marriage and no known liaisons18. He married Berenice II, daughter of Magas, king of Cyrene and Arsinoe/Apama19, by whom he had Ptolemy IV, Magas, Arsinoe III20 and Berenice21, and is presumed to have had an unknown son, here restored as Lysimachus, and Alexander22.

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