Ptolemy II


Ptolemy II Philadelphus1, king of Egypt, son of Ptolemy I by Berenice I2, born 309/8 on Cos3, official birthday 12 Dystros (Mac.) = c. 10 February 3084, made coregent by Ptolemy I between c. 25 Dystros year 39 (Mac.) = c. 28 February 2845, succeeded to sole rule probably Artemisios/Daisios year 41 (Mac.) = c. April - June 2826, victor in the chariot races in the Olympic Games of an unknown Olympiad6.1, incorporated in the dynastic cult with Arsinoe II in year 13 (Mac.) = 273/2 or 14 (Mac.) = 272/1 as the Sibling Gods, Qeoi Adelfoi7, made Ptolemy "the Son" coregent late 2678, removed him in late 2599, died probably 25 Dios year 39 (Mac.) = c. 28 January 246 = 7 Choiak year 39 (Eg.) and was succeeded by Ptolemy III10.

Ptolemy II's titles as king of Egypt were:11

Horus               Hwnw onj12             
Two Ladies        wr-pHtj13
Golden Horus      sxaj.n-sw jt.f14
Throne Name     wsr-kA-n-Ra mrj-Jmn15
Son of Re          ptlmjs

Ptolemy II had two marriages and many known liaisons16.

Ptolemy II first married Arsinoe I, daughter of Lysimachus, king of Thrace and Macedon, by whom he had Ptolemy III, Lysimachus, and Berenice Phernophorus17.

Ptolemy II second married his full sister Arsinoe II, by whom he had no children18. He may have adopted her son by a previous marriage, Ptolemy19. He caused Arsinoe II posthumously to adopt the children of Arsinoe I20.

Ptolemy II conducted a liaison with Bilistiche21, who was probably the mother of Ptolemy Andromachou by him22.

Ptolemy II further conducted liaisons with Cleino, Didyme, Mnesis, Myrtion, Pothine and Stratonice23. He is also supposed to have conducted liaisons with Agathoclea24, Aglais25, Glauce26 and Hippe27. No children are known or conjectured from any of these relationships.

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