Ptolemy "the Son"


Ptolemy "the Son"1, coregent of Egypt with Ptolemy II 267-2592, coregency probably terminated due to his revolt with Timarchus at Miletus in 2593, here identified with4 Ptolemy son of Lysimachus and Arsinoe II5, born c. 299/86, claimant to the throne of Macedon probably 2817 and in the period 278-2768, who is also and generally identified with Ptolemy of Telmessos9, ruled Telmessos probably starting c. 259/610, here also identified as Ptolemy "the Brother"10.1; died after 24011, leaving descendants12.

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9 April 2003: Added dscussion of Domingo Gygax's proposal based on the Mendes Stele that Ptolemy "the Son" was an older biological son of Ptolemy II
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26 Aug 2006: Add link to Holleaux BCH 28 paper
7 Nov 2006: Adjust comments on Mendes stele in light of discussion with Willy Clarysse -- watch this spot....
14 Nov 2006: Note Billows suggestion of Antipatros Epigonou named in ID 442B as a possible grandson of Ptolemy "the Son".
28 May 2007: Note that IG XII,3 464 is evidence against Ptolemy "the Son" being Ptolemy III.
28 Dec 2007: Add discussion of Clarysse's dating of the Mendes stele and its implications for Domingo Gygax's proposal on the identity of Ptolemy "the Son"
21 Nov 2010: Fix broken Perseus & DDbDP & Mendes stele links, Buraselis' support for identifying him with Ptolemy III
24 April 2011: Amplify presentation of Bouché-Leclerq's arguments for Ptolemy III, including the evidence of the Suda, previously overlooked.

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