Mnesis1, a flautist, mistress of Ptolemy II, owner of one of the finest houses in Alexandria2. She is not otherwise known.

[1] PP VI 14728. Gr: MnhsiV. Ý

[2] Polybius 14.11.3, quoted in Athenaeus 13.576e.

D. Ogden, in P. McKechnie & P. Guillaume (eds), Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his World, 353 at 357, correctly notes that Athenaeus actually quotes Polybius as asking "Are not the most beautiful houses called Myrtion's, Mnesis' and Potheine's?", but regards the inference, drawn above, that the actual houses of Myrtion, Mnesis and Potheine were themselves regarded as among the most beautiful in Alexandria as "improper". I fail to see why: while other explanations of the comment are no doubt possible, they seem to me to be forced and arbitrary. Ý

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