Ithaca1, mistress of Ptolemy VIII2 probably around the years of his return to Alexandria in c. 1273. She is not otherwise known.

[1] PP VI 14724. Gr: Iqaka. Josephus, Contra Apionem 2.5 says that Ithaca is an alternate name for Eirene. This is because he assigns the events described to Ptolemy VIII's accession in 145. However, the internal evidence of the passage strongly suggests that it actually describes an event in the civil war with Cleopatra II, most likely his recovery of Alexandria from Cleopatra II in 127. On this basis, Ithaca is much more likely to be distinct from Eirene, who was certainly his mistress in 145/4. Ý

[2] Josephus, Contra Apionem 2.5. Ý

[2] For this date see the discussion of Josephus, Contra Apionem 2.5 under Cleopatra II. Ý

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