Pedubast1, prophet2, parentage unknown3 chronology unknown, father of Horemhotep4.

[1] Not in PP. Gr: Petobastis. Named only in stele Ashm. 1971/81, translated in E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family from Memphis 161ff. D. Devauchelle, CdE 58 (1983) 135, 139 raises no serious objections to Reymond's work on this stele. Ý

[2] Stele Ashm. 1971/81. Ý

[3] In view of the names Pedubast and Horemhotep, which repeatedly occur in minor branches of the family, it seems probable that Pedubast was a minor descendant of earlier HPMs. Generationally, he is a contemporary of Pedubast II HPM. Ý

[4] Stele Ashm. 1971/81. Ý

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