Pedubast III


Pedubast III1, stm-priest, god's father, prophet of Ptah, priest of the gods in the temple of Memphis, prophet of the lord of sm-ny-mAat, scribe in the domain in the west of the Apieion, prophet of Horus the Child of Isis, the hollow-eyed one, prophet of ... who is in his town ...the neighbourhood of the district of Wn-xm, scribe of the treasury, royal scribe in Western Rakoti(?), scribe of the offering-table, registered with all the fifth phyles and all the third phyles, registered with the five phyles in the great house, prophet of the pre-eminent in the Necropolis, lord of the gods and goddesses, scribe in the domain of Xntj-ntrj, prophet of .... residing in Saka(?) of every god, residing in the wabt-sanctuary of t3-Htp in the district of Heliopolis, registered with all the first phyles and all the fourth phyles in the temple of the domain of Xntj-ntrj, scribe in the mainsion of Isis in Xntj-ntrj, scribe of the offering-table of Bastet, lady of Ankh-tawi, .... scribe in the Serapion, the Osirieion, Rutiset, and of Anubis who is upon his mountain, registered with all the first phyles and all the third phyles of bA-m-tt, pre-eminent in the Lake, registered with all the first phyles in Buto, registered with all the fourth phyles of Setat(?), great goddess, scribe in the Mansion of the Crypt ........ of every god, scribe of all decrees, registered with all the third phyles and all the fifth phyles of Ptah and Arsinoe Philadelphos, scribe of decrees and records, scribe of the treasury, scribe of the townn who collects gold and receives silver, scribe of the book of Ptah, prophet of the king in the golden mansion, scribe in the mansions of the living Apis, scribe of the decree and its copies, prophet in the mansion of Menkhepere [Tuthmosis III] in the domain of Ptah, scribe of the ritual of Ptah and Atum, prophet in the Morning house, prophet in the library, prophet of Ptah and the goddess Philadelphos, prophet of the window of appearances, prophet of Horus of the window of appearances, prophet of the gods of the window of appearances, master of secrets in the domain of Ptah, master of secrets in Rosetau, having authority over the secrets of the sky, the earth and the underworld, master of secrets of Upper and Lower Egypt, master of secrets of the Serapeion, the Osireion, Rutiset, and the house of Anubis upon his mountain, count and prince, Chief of Artificers (High Priest of Memphis)2, son of Psherenptah II3 by Berenice4, born 1 Hathyr year 50 of Ptolemy VIII = 21 November 1215 ascended to the pontificate in 104/36, died 7 Mecheir year 5 of Ptolemy XII = 14 February 767 buried 20 Pharmuthi year 5 of Ptolemy XII = 28 April 768; married Herankh-beludje9, daughter of Horemhotep10, in or before Tybi year 24 of Ptolemy X = January 9011, by whom he had a son Psherenptah III12.

[1] PP III 5371. Gr: Petobastis. Ý

[2] PP IX 5371 gives him the same titles as his son Psherenptah III, based on stele BM 886. The titles given here are based, with some attempt at due care, on E. A. E. Reymond's translation of stele Vienna 82, From the Records of a Priestly Family from Memphis 131f., noting title translations as given by PP IX and J. Quaegebeur in D. J. Crawford et al, Studies on Ptolemaic Memphis 47 for titles shared with other HPMs, and also the comments of R. Jasnow, JAOS 105 (1985) 339. Ý

[3] Stele Vienna 82. Ý

[4] Stele Vienna 82. Ý

[5] Stele Vienna 82. Ý

[6] Stele Vienna 82 states that he succeeded in his 17th year of age and served for 28 years. Ý

[7] Stele Vienna 82. Ý

[8] Stele Vienna 82. This is a delay of 73 days, not the traditional 70 days. Ý

[9] Stele BM 886 (as Herankh); Stele Ashm. 1971/18. Ý

[10] Stele Ashm. 1971/18. Ý

[11] I.e. at least 9 months before the birthdate of Psherenptah III, as given by stele BM 886. Ý

[12] Stele BM 886; Stele Ashm. 1971/18.

A. Dodson & D. Hilton, The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt 269, suggest a second son Horemhotep. This appears to be a mistake for the Horemhotep named on BM 392. The Pedubast named as father of this Horemhotep is not identified as an HPM, and his father is named as Horemhotep not Psherenptah. Ý

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