Padiptah1, god's father, servant of the god Ptah, wb-priest of the gods of the temple of Memphis, scribe of the whole fifth phyle of the temple of the Domain of Ptah [kher(y)-bakef], scribe of the enclosure(?) of the baboon, scribe of the whole third phyle of the temple of the Domain ..... , scribe of the whole second phyle of the temple of the Domain of Osiris master of Rosetau2, son of Berenice and Anemhor3, active between c. 131 and c1194.

[1] Not in PP. Ý

[2] Stele IM 77. Ý

[3] Stele IM 77. The parental relationship supersedes the grandparental relationship given in the preliminary announcement in D. Devauchelle, EVO 17 (1994) 95, 98. Ý

[4] Stele IM 77. The stele refers to the excavation of the burial chamber of the Apis born of the cow Gereg. References to this excavation work are known from Apis year 12 = year 39 of Ptolemy VIII = 131 to year 47 [= Apis year 21] = 123; the Apis died on 22 Mesore year 51 = 8 September 119. See D. J. Thompson, Memphis Under the Ptolemies 290ff. Ý

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