Nesisti1, god's father, beloved of the god, sm-priest, wr hAw, sDm, nDm stj, xa-rA, prophet of the gods Euergetai, Philopatores and Epiphaneis, prophet of the window of appearance, prophet of Horus of the window of appearance, servant and phylarch, scribe of Ptah and of the goddess Philadelphos of every fifth phyle of the gods Euergetai, master of the secrets of the temple of Ptah, master of the secrets of Rosetau, count and prince, Chief of Artificers (High Priest of Memphis), prophet of Ptah2, eldest son of Horemakhet3 by Nefertiti4, succeeded Horemakhet as High Priest of Memphis5 probably between 194/3 and 1806, otherwise unknown.

[1] PP III 5363 (as "Esisout"). On the variant forms of the name "Nesisti" see discussion here. On Quaegebeur's proposal to identify him with Psherenptah I, see discussion under Psherenptah I. Ý

[2] Stele BM 391, see PP IX 5363. Ý

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[6] See discussion under Horemakhet. Ý

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