Neferibre1, god's father, prophet, master of the secrets of the Serapion, of the Osireion at Rutisut, and of the Anubeion2 parentage and chronology unknown, married Herankh3, by whom he was the father of Neferibre4 and probably of Heresankh5.

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[5] Louvre N 2456, Stele BM 389. See discussion in H. de Meulenaere, CdE 34 (1959) 244. The proposal is essentially just an assertion based on the possible coincidence that both Neferibre and Heresankh were children of couples called Neferibre and Herankh. However, it is accepted here since there are independent arguments for placing Neferibre fils and Heresankh as close contemparies, and also for relating Neferibre fils to Heresankh's likely successor in the cult of Philotera, the high priest Nesisti-Pedubast. Ý

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