Har-any1, prophet2, probably son of Pedubast II3 maternity and chronology unknown, father of Psherenptah4.

[1] Not in PP. His inclusion depends on Reymond's reading and translation of Young's transcription of stele BM 392, E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family of Memphis 203ff. Young's transcription of the stele is dismissed as illegible by J. Quaegebeur, CdE 49 (1974) 59, 69f. (23). However, D. Devauchelle, CdE 58 (1983)) 135, 140 accepts Reymond's reading of the genealogical sections of the stele. Ý

[2] Stele BM 392. Ý

[3] Stele BM 392 names the father of Har-any as Pedubast HPM, living four generations before Pedubast, the husband of Berenice, a contemporary of Cleopatra VII. This clearly flavours Pedubast II, Berenice's great-great-grandfather, rather than Pedubast III, Berenice's grandfather. Ý

[4] Stele BM 392. Ý

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