Haran-tapedubast1, daughter of Psherenptah III2 probably by Taimhotep3, chronology and career unknown.

[1] Not in PP. Named on stele Ashm. 1971/18, as transcribed and translated by E. A. E. Reymond, From the Records of a Priestly Family of Memphis 158ff. Ý

[2] Stele Ashm. 1971/18. Ý

[3] Her mother is not named on stele Ashm. 1971/18, which lists by name four daughters and one son for Psherenptah III. Stele BM 377, the demotic funerary stele of his wife Taimhotep, lists by name three daughters and one son for her. Haran-tapedubast is not named on BM 377. However, it can be shown on chronological grounds that Kheredankh, daughter of Psherenptah III, was not a daughter of Taimhotep, even though she is listed as such on BM 377. The simplest explanation is to suppose that Kheredankh was named in error for Haran-tapedubast, possibly because she was the first daughter named on the source-list for stele Ashm. 1971/18 and was therefore assumed by the scribe of BM 377 to have been the oldest. Ý

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