Cleino1, cupbearer and mistress of Ptolemy II, who erected statues showing her in a very short tunic2, probably not to be identified with Cleino daughter of Admetos who dedicated two silver figurines of Apollo and Artemis at Delos in 279 or before3. She is not otherwise known.

[1] PP VI 14726. Gr: Kleinw. Ý

[2] Athenaeus 10.425e-f; Polybius 14.11, quoted in Athenaeus 13.576e; Memoirs of Ptolemy VIII, quoted in Athenaeus 13.576e-f. Ý

[3] J. Tréheux, CdE 32 (1957) 147. The offering is listed in an inventory dated to this year. It was originally published by T. Homolle, BCH 6 (1882) 1 at 117, as a dedication of two silver coidia (vases -- misread by E. R. Bevan, The House of Ptolemy 77, as coiridia -- pigs!), which would be an unusual sacrifice in line with Cleino's position at Ptolemy II's court. However, the reading was later corrected without comment by T. Homolle, BCH 14 (1890) 389 at 403, to zwidia -- figurines -- which makes the offering a very standard sacrifice. Given this, the banality of the name, and the early date, Tréheux argues, I think with justice, that there is no reason to identify the dedicant of Delos with Ptolemy II's cupbearer. Ý

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