Olympic Dates

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These pages give access to conversion tables in Excel format, with copies in HTML format and in CSV format, useful for determining the Julian equivalent of years dated according to Olympiads during the Ptolemaic era. This system was used by Greek historians to provide a common frame of reference to reconcile historical dates given in many different local calendars. It is particularly important for interpreting the regnal years attributed to the Ptolemies by Porphyry, as transmitted through the works of Eusebius.

A third primary source for Ptolemaic chronology, Polybius, who also uses the Olympiad system to organise his chronology, is not considered here, because his text only covered the reigns of Ptolemy IV, Ptolemy V and Ptolemy VI. Issues where Polybius' chronology is important are treated in the genealogy at points where it is relevant.

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