Affiliated Lines


The Ptolemies intermarried with a large number of different families. They probably have the largest set of foreign dynastic connections of any ruling family in Egyptian history. They certainly have the most varied set of dynastic connections, ranging from Hellenic and Hellenistic dynasties to Iranian, Berber, Egyptian, and, in some ways the most alien of all, Roman lines. Descendants of the Ptolemies can, with fairly high probability, be traced for over a century after the fall of the dynasty, and, more controversially, there are proposals for outline descents covering a much longer period, possibly even to the present day.

This section of the site provides access to genealogical diagrams for all affiliated families known to me, as well as an overview of proposed Ptolemaic descents. These diagrams are all unannotated, and I have no plans ever to annotate most of them. In most cases, though not all, only outline genealogies are provided. They are also largely unlinked, except that links to the Ptolemies themselves have been activated. With the exception of the High Priests of Memphis, none of them have been researched to the depth that I have researched the Ptolemaic main line. In general, I have followed a major published chart with a certain amount of cross-checking. I have no doubt that I have accepted as fact much that is controversial or only conjectural, that I have omitted good data, and that I have made simple blunders -- feel free to tell me. So these charts should be used with care, and should not be regarded as reliable, only indicative.

The remainder of this introductory page gives a very brief background for each affiliated line, and lists the dynastic connections to the Ptolemies. The lines are given in rough chronological order. You can access them from the title of each introductory paragraph or (if you have a frame-capable browser) from the frame to the left.

The lines are as follows:

Aeacids                          Agathocles                 Antigonids               Antipatrids     Antonii
Archelaids                     Argaeads                     Heraclids                 Julii                  Lysimachus
High Priests of Ptah     Pharnabazids             Philo                          Seleucids        Soli
Descendant Lines

The Argeads

The Pharnabazids

The kings of Soli

The Antipatrids

The Antigonids

The Aeacids

The family of Lysimachus

The family of Agathocles of Syracuse

The family of Philo

The Seleucids

The High Priests of Ptah at Memphis

The Archelaids

The Julii

The Antonii

The Heraclids

Descendant Lines

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