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This website is dedicated to providing information about the genealogies of the kings of Egypt.

My original plan was to cover all the periods of Egyptian history in which Egypt was ruled from her own territory, from the earliest known predynastic kings to the foundation of the modern republic. The idea was that each dynasty in Egyptian history would receive a dedicated section, with a webpage for each known dynastic member. This would present an annotated genealogy, ruler by ruler, which would be my own best judgement of what the dynastic genealogy is, based on the evidence as I know it for each individual. If the source for some statement was not direct, the page would include a discussion of the evidence and a presentation of the alternatives in the literature, with references, hyperlinked where possible, so that you can make up your own mind. Where appropriate, the dynastic section would also explore background issues such as the definition of the dynasty, the sequence of kings, and dynastic chronology.

In practice the site only covers one dynasty, the Ptolemies. I originally put it up with just this dynasty because there is more than enough Ptolemaic material to float the concept. However, Ptolemaic issues were more numerous and complex than I anticipated, so after more than 10 years I was unable to move beyond them, and I now find that for medical reasons it is very unlikely that I will ever be able to do so. While I still hope to update individual entries in the site from time to time, its contents are essentially frozen as of 2012. Certain discussions, particularly chronological discussions related to the Macedonian calendar in the early dynasty and on the Canopic calendar, are seriously out of date, and users are referred to my monograph on these subjects for my current thinking. However, serious researchers have found the site useful, particularly as a guide to the issues, and I hope they will continue to do for some time after I am not longer around. In the meantime, and as I am able, I will make updates from time to time, and any feedback is welcome, particularly if you can point me to new studies of the source material affecting my conclusions. Please feel free to email me.

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Major update history: 8 January 2006: Added Ptolemaic Chronology section (Olympic)
                              24 March 2005: Added Ptolemaic Chronology section (Egyptian)
                              2 April 2004: Added Ptolemaic Chronology section (Babylonian and Roman)
                              27 December 2002: Added Ptolemaic High Priests of Letopolis.
                              8 April 2002: Added Ptolemaic High Priests of Memphis.
                              9 December 2001: Added Ptolemaic Background pages and bibliography.
                              7 August 2001: Added Ptolemaic Affiliates.
                              7 May 2001: Initial release of Ptolemaic genealogy.

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